Wincomn won the annual 'Grand Award of the Big Screen Industry System Integration Project' with the Wuhan Wanda Project '

Wincomn participated in the large -scale magical modern dance drama 'Yanqiu Ci' project of the Taiyuan Dance Troupe

Wincomn won the IAAPA active integrity member certificate

Wincomn participated in the Digital Exhibition Hall of the Qianlong South Tour of the National Museum of China

Wincomn participated in Yokodo Yuanming New Park Happy Night Fuhai Scenic Area water curtain projection project

Wincomn participated in the Wanda Shuangna International Tourism Resort Daixiu Theater Project

Wincomn won the two prizes of 'Annual Incarnation of the Year' and 'Annual Solution'


Wincomn undertakes Wuhan Wanda Central Cultural District Film Park Experience Theater Project

Wincomn undertakes Wuhan Wanda Central Cultural District Film Park 5D Theater Project

Wincomn has become a member unit of Beijing Zhongguancun Enterprise Information Promotion Association

Wincomn obtained the 'Zhongguancun High -tech Enterprise Certificate'

Wincomn won the 'Agent of the Year, Annual Integrated Merchants Award'

Wincomn & Christie won the 'Annual International Brand Award'

Wincomn & Wuhan Wanda Film Park and Hanxiu Theater won the 'Annual Solution, Annual Engineering Case Grand Award'

Wincomn & Christie won the '2014 projector brand award'

Wincomn Company & 7th Sense won the '2014 Graphics Processor Brand Award'

Wincomn won the '2014 Large Screen Industry System Integration Engineering Case Case Award'


Wincomn Company & Alcorn won the '2013 Innovation Enterprise Brand Award'

Wincomn & Christie won the '2013 Projector Brand Award'

Wincomn obtained the 'China Core supplier certificate'

Wincomn obtained the 'ART Technology Training Certificate'

Wincomn obtained the 'AAA Credit Certificate'

Wincomn Company obtained 'Class III of Contracting for Construction Intelligence Engineering'