"Happy events in Nanjing" Live Performance Becomes a New Cultural Symbol of Nanjing

Author: Wincomn


'Happy events in Nanjing' Live Performance Becomes a New Cultural Symbol of Nanjing

Recently, a phenomenal immersive performance project has become a new cultural symbol of Nanjing . Many tourists come here to feel the 'magic drama' with strong Nanjing Cultural Characteristics - 'Happy events in Nanjing'. It has won a number of national cultural and tourism industry awards and is the first full immersion performance in China.


Exquisite Theater Setting and Plot Setting

The performance site of  'Happy events in Nanjing' is located in XINANLI, Nanjing, a 10 meter high house, which covers an area of more than 1000 square meters and imitates the southern capital of the Qing Dynasty. In order to truly restore the life scenes of the ancient Nanjing family, the production team spent 5078 hours supervising the production, elaborately polished 827 props and 21  performance venues.

In the setting of performance plot, there are 21 professional actors and 8 different story lines. Each story line has 90 minutes of high-density plot, so that all the audience can experience a journey of Nanjing Culture incisively and vividly.

In order to create the ultimate immersion experience of 'sensory immersion + drama immersion', the production team innovatively applied acousto-optic technology and nearly 225 groups of the latest high-tech equipment. The high-end laser projection system provided by Wincomn. creates a 360 ° full immersion surround visual effect, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the play.


Novel Mode of Watching Drama

There are no seats in the whole theater of the perform, and the audience is also 'actors'. The mode of watching the drama is very novel.

After each visitor enters the scene, they must choose one of them, change their clothes and participate in the plot. They can interact with the actors and rewrite the plot. The novel drama watching mode makes the whole performance full of endless variables. Each story line, each character and the ending of each story may have different endings due to different audiences. This not only makes the plot more complicated, but also makes the drama watching experience more exciting and unexpected, so that every audience can gain a unique experience.

Powerful Surround Projection Effect

In order to create a broader performance space, make the static architecture and scenery 'live', and make the audience's participation experience more real, 'Happy events in Nanjing' has created a 360 °full immersion surround projection space of nearly 1000 square meters. Light and shadow shine on the four walls. The antique Jiangnan ancient house suddenly opens the door of time and space. The four walls and the ceiling project are linked on five sides. The whole space is full of splendor and changes. All kinds of Nanjing characteristic culture, landscape architecture and historical stories are just around the corner. The audience can either walk under the starry night sky or stroll in the Jiangnan landscape paintings, experience the changes of the world, and feel the 'people' 'Eight joys'. The gorgeous and changeable scenes make the audience dazzled, as if they were in a dream.

The dual immersion effect of 'sensory immersion + drama immersion' makes the audience feel like a 'super blockbuster' and experience the humanistic characteristics of Nanjing from the whole senses of 'seeing, listening, smelling, smelling and touching', so as to experience a high-quality cultural entertainment performance.


The projection medium of the performance space is very diverse, ceiling, walls, windows, pavilions and other scenes are involved in the projection. Different imaging media have high requirements for the projection. Professional performances also have strict consistency requirements for the projection picture, which requires clear, sharp and consistent images. The projection picture needs to maintain a high degree of consistency.


Wincomn has provided dozens of projection equipment for Christie, and its proprietary color enhancement technology can present amazing visual effects no matter what kind of projection medium. The embedded geometric correction and fusion engine can quickly and easily build, align and maintain unconventional screens and multi projection display arrays. The performance of the projection system is stable, and it can run smoothly all day, almost maintenance free, ensuring the daily high-frequency performance needs of the theater.



Wincomn Helps Cultural Tourism Project Construction

Since its opening, the Nanjing wedding has become the landmark cultural and tourism performance of 'Nanjing must see divine drama'. The performance has won many important awards in the national cultural and tourism industry by virtue of its innovative performance mode.

It is worth mentioning that in the '2020 China Tourism Group Development Forum', the live performance of Nanjing wedding, Nianhuawan in Wuxi and Huayi Brothers film town  won the 'Top Ten Innovative Projects of Cultural and Tourism Integration Development in 2020', and all of the three projects were participated by Wincomn.

As a company with more than ten years of experience in the culture and tourism industry, Wincomn will continue to meet new challenges with a professional attitude. As always, Wincomn will provide advanced video and audio product resources, professional system design and construction, and creative film source planning and production for industry customers.