Wuxi Sunac Land·“Fly JiangSu” Dome Flying Theater

Author: Wincomn


  is the star project of Wuxi Sunac Land. The cinema synchronizes the flying process of the movie through a large dynamic platform, with various special effects and super high-definition dome screen images, giving tourists a realistic flight experience and enjoying the splendor and beauty of Jiangsu's famous natural and humanistic landscape.

Wuxi Sunac Land·“Fly JiangSu” Dome Flying Theater

The theater has two halls, A and B. Each hall can accommodate more than 70 viewers at the same time. It is worth mentioning that in the two halls, the film should be restored accurately on the 8K resolution screen, which is very challenging. Wincomn provided the 7thSense media server for the project.

This  server can play fully uncompressed media playback at 8K x 4K 60p (4:2:2), or true 8K x 4K 30p (4:4:4) from a single server solution. Pixel-accurate synchronisation including full video genlock between servers. Unique Fulldome Mode for live events ,flying theaters or planetaria. 

At the same time, Wincomn also provided the Alcorn performance control system for lighting, signal output and motion platform control in the hall, combined with the ball curtain performance, triggering spray, spray, fragrance and other special devices, so that the performance and platform system perfectly cooperate to ensure the audience's viewing experience.

Wincomn has participated in the 'Dream Great Wall', 'Flying over Colorful Yunnan' ,'Never Night City of Dream' , 'Flying over Longjiang', 'Flying over Jiangxi',”Flying over Anhui” flying theaters, etc. The overall design work has completed many technical challenges, and is committed to creating a super amazed and realistic flight experience for the audience.