Wincomn participation in the water curtain project

Author: Wincomn


In this year's special program 'talk about the new changes in hometown', a story about the light and water dance show in the Nanhu lake of Bozhou, Anhui province is extremely attractive. Its beautiful light and shadow effect, the classic story of Bozhou's historical features, makes the audience admire it.

The light and water dance project of Nanhu park is located in the core area of Bozhou economic development zone, which is known as the 'Chinese medicine capital'. It is an important landscape project to improve the overall image of the southern new area of Bozhou.And Wincomn participated in the equipment installation and commissioning of the water curtain project.

 Wincomn participation in the water curtain project    

Bozhou Nanhu park total water area of 178,000 square meters,the curtain is 120 meters wide, 15 meters high and 30 meters high. The water curtain area is huge, and the color saturation of the projection screen and the requirement of image definition are extremely high. With the continuous change of the water curtain, the debugging in this project is very difficult.In order to make the projection effect is fully reflected, projection equipment in this project are arranged in the engine room located in the center of the lake, so the equipment transportation, installation and cable arrangement is very challenging.

Wincomn participation in the water curtain project

Wincomn selected eight Christie projection equipment for the project to complete the  work,the installation is carried out in the above superposition mode, and the screen projection is carried out together with the water curtain,after the integration and debugging of Wincomn designers, the screen of the water screen was smooth and brilliant.

Wincomn participation in the water curtain project

Relying on Bozhou new area overall development localization, dominated by light water dance, media interpretation for the soul of the Nanhu park 'lights dancing water show' combined with music, dancing water, full color, water curtain, laser 3D images, fireworks and other advanced technology and art expression form, to create the domestic first-class large fountain cross-media subject-live performance.At present, the show has opened to the public, and the audience can feel the beautiful performance of the combination of the fountain and the water curtain.