The "Top10 User Recommendation System Integrators" award for Wincomn

Author: Wincomn


Wincomn was awarded the 'Top Ten User Recommendation System Integrators'

The answer to the 2022 Top Ten Digital Audiovisual Industry Selection was officially announced recently. In the selection, Wincomn Technology won two awards: Top Ten Typical Application Cases and Top Ten User Recommended Integrators.

In this selection activity, the surreal immersive exhibition hall project built by the independent brand of Wincomn Technology, Krinda Projector, won the 'Top Ten Classic Application Cases Award'. The full name of the exhibition hall is the Immersive Experience Hall of the Yuan Universe B Pavilion, which is the highlight of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone of the 2022 Trade Fair. Through more than 20 Kodak laser projectors and the innovative application of infrared body feeling, it has created unique 'visual', 'sound' and other experience effects, presenting extremely dazzling pictures and surreal immersive experience for tourists.


 Wincomn was awarded the

Wincomn was awarded the

In 2022, Wincomn completed many classic projects, such as the 'ten thousand years' dark ride in Bailuyuan, the architectural projection show of Jinfu Building in the Taiping Ancient City of Quanjiao, the ball screen theater in the Tianding Lake International Resort and Tourism Zone of Wenzhou, and the surreal immersive exhibition hall of the Service Trade Fair. In addition, Wincomn also completed the development of various integrated products such as 'Ballscreen Theater' and 'New Flight Simulator' in 2022, and obtained many patents; We have expanded the product line of the 'Krinda' brand, and added products such as simulation projectors, media servers, and protective boxes. From projectors to supporting equipment, we have representative products; More efforts have been put into the construction of enterprise exhibition halls with 5 themes and 8 items of 600 square meters.

 Wincomn was awarded the

In the future, Wincomn will make every effort to establish the brand advantage of ' Wincomn ', and constantly improve its service and technical level while realizing the implementation of standardized new products, so as to bring more wonderful project cases to customers and users.