Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation

Author: Wincomn


On April 18, 7thSense, a well-known British media server brand, renewed its exclusive general agent license in China with Wincomn, which is responsible for the sales and marketing of all 7thSense products in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao. Wincomn's strong project delivery ability and rapid problem-solving ability have won market recognition and the trust of 7thSense. This is a renewed contract based on the good cooperation between the two sides over the past decade since 2014.

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again

7thSense has close cooperation with many well-known brands, such as Disney, Universal Studios, Rolling Stone, Radio City, etc.

In the nearly ten years of cooperation with Wincomn, both parties have jointly completed hundreds of installation projects for customers.

Including: Universal Studios in Beijing, Disney in Shanghai, Chimelong in Zhuhai, Evergrande Haihua Island, Wanda Movie Paradise, Rongchuang Paradise, Suzhou Paradise, Huai'an West Amusement Park, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, Silver based Animal Kingdom, Colorful Yunnan Happy World, Huayi Brothers Film Town, Gubei Water Town, Bailuyuan Film and Television City, Nanjing Dragon Valley, Qian'an Kaiyuan Valley, Xinjiang Ice and Snow World, Shanghai Planetarium, Hunan Museum, etc.

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again

Widely praised in fields such as ball screen cinemas, flying cinemas, dark rides, projection shows, 4D/5D cinemas, and stage performances.

Key products include R-Series-10 hardware solution, Juggler pixel level image processors, Actor media servers, Conjurer content generation media servers, Compere user interface solutions, Infinity media servers, Proton media servers, Pico media servers, and more.

R-Series 10


7thSense introduces the ‘R-Series 10’ hardware solution, catering to the needs of the most demanding generative projects and complex media-based attractions. Our product offerings include the highest quality video playback, pixel processing, and control solutions available today, enabling storytellers worldwide to fulfil their vision.   The R-Series hardware range is optimised for the most challenging of use cases and leverages the power of generative engines like Unreal Engine® and Unity®.   Designed from the ground up and certified for professional use and resale in countries around the world, our reliable hardware benefits from advanced PCIe 4.0 graphics cards and high-speed bastorage devices. 

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again


Actor® is the next generation 7thSense media server that includes the renowned reliability, quality, and dependability that our Delta Media Server technology is known for, along with improved flexibility, scalability, and usability.  Actor was designed with system programming in mind, and leverages the power of the hardware that it runs on. It performs the role as an actor would in a play, a film, or a show - playing back the images, or the ‘script’. But it’s still able to improvise and make a few adjustments to its performance, if required.  

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again


Conjurer brings the well-known generative engines into our Compere workflow (such as Unreal Engine®, Unity®, TouchDesigner®, and Notch®) to allow control, show programming, and configuration of the generative clusters within the same UI and workflow as the Media Servers and Pixel Processors. 

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again


Compere is a single workflow and user interface solution that brings together Juggler pixel processor, Actor media server software and Conjurer, our generative content solution.  It’s the master of ceremony within the 7thSense environment.  Compere has an open network and data topology making it easy to communicate with via network protocols, SDKs and many other means.  

As media playback applications get larger and more complex, multiple skilled operators need more and more time to configure, program, visualise, troubleshoot, and manage the media engines. Compere solves this through a client-based software architecture that allows multiple users to manipulate and monitor Conjurer, Actor, Juggler and Delta products simultaneously.  Compere’s interface directs and orchestrates how the show, or the experience, needs to work together. 

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again


7thSense’s Juggler® pixel processor range is designed to manage large canvas, multi-screen, and blended display systems. Typically, these applications require a high level of flexibility, signal density, and extremely low processing latency.    In line with the 7thSense support of the highest-grade uncompressed content on their media server platforms, the Juggler products have the headroom and scalability to support incredibly large systems, maintaining the quality of content from file to screen. As a flexible and customisable product line, Juggler supports input and output signals up to DCI 4K @ 60FPS 12-bit 4:4:4, or various other signals at 120FPS.  

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again


Infinity servers are at the cutting-edge in uncompressed media-serving, offering passive and active stereo 3D, a full range of display-matching, interactivity and control features, as well as the potential for many video/audio outputs and huge internal/external storage capability. As our most powerful media server, Infinity has a vast range of hardware and software options, designed to meet the demands of some of the most prestigious displays in the world.

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again


Proton is capable of playing 4 × HD/WUXGA/2K of uncompressed playback at 60 fps in 4:4:4.

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again



Pico is a powerful media server in compact form – capable of a single output of uncompressed 4K at 60 fps, 2 outputs of 2K or WUXGA at 60 fps, or up to 3 outputs of a single movie at 2K or WUXGA at 30 fps – all from a solution with micro dimensions of just 145 × 152 × 44 mm. 

Wincomn and 7thSense Renew Agency Cooperation Again

This renewal marks the beginning of a new chapter in the next decade of our journey in the Chinese market. Our trust and in-depth cooperation will continue to provide customers with reliable and high-quality professional media playback solutions, making the high-quality image presentation of the project even more impressive, and also safeguarding the stable operation and investment returns of the project throughout its lifecycle.