Wincomn Releases New Products of Krinda C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

Author: Wincomn


Recently, Wincomn's self-owned brand, Krinda, launched new laser engineering projectors, namely the Krinda C-WU1200L with 12000 lumens and the Krinda C-WU1500L with 15000 lumens. These two high brightness projectors are mainly suitable for medium-sized applications, bringing new choices to the market with high quality, high performance, full functionality, long lifespan, high reliability, and high cost-effectiveness.


These two projectors use Texas Instruments DLP projection technology and a 0.67 'DMD chip, with brightness of 12000 lumens and 15000 lumens respectively, and original resolution of 1920 × 1200, laser light source, with a lifespan of 20000 hours, can meet the needs of different customers in various application environments.

Wincomn Releases New Products of  Krinda ——C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

Suitable for various applications

The projector has a resolution of 1920 × 1200, with a contrast ratio of 2000000:1 (extremely black mode), the projector has better performance in dark fields and stronger image performance. It supports 7 different focal length lenses and can display high-definition images point-to-point, making the display more precise and achieving high-definition, high brightness, and high-quality large screen demonstrations. Very suitable for medium-sized ball screen cinemas, indoor exhibition halls, outdoor conventional projection, small and medium-sized lecture halls, exhibition halls, higher education and other places.

Wincomn Releases New Products of  Krinda ——C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

Ultra high contrast,  2,000,000:1

Ultra long lifespan, support for continuous operation, high reliability

Laser light source, with a brightness of up to 12000/15000 lumens and a lifespan of up to 20000 hours, supports continuous operation for 7 * 24 hours, with low brightness attenuation, eliminating the worry of light source maintenance.

Color adjustment function

By using the HSL color fine-tuning function, white balance adjustment function, and gamma type selection function, the color of the projection screen can be adjusted to meet the preferences of different customers or environments for color, and improve the visual comfort of the screen.

Displayable colors

1.07 billion colors, using 10Bit color depth technology, the color grayscale is more abundant, and the color transition is more natural.

Compatible with 4K/supports HDR

Compatible with 4K resolution, using higher image quality images, supporting HDR dynamic video content output, providing better contrast between light and dark, presenting a more natural, realistic, and vibrant image, allowing users to see more details of the image.

Four corner adjustment and deformation adjustment functions

By adjusting the four corners of the image, image deformation can be eliminated, which can better solve the problem of limited spatial devices; Abnormal adjustment of the screen can adjust the screen to the expected state.

Wincomn Releases New Products of  Krinda ——C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

Wincomn Releases New Products of  Krinda ——C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

Wincomn Releases New Products of  Krinda ——C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

Fusion adjustment (OSD menu)

Two or more projectors can form a large image through the built-in deformation and fusion setting functions of the machine. With specific graphics cards, the fusion of multiple images can be completed without the need for a fusion device

Wincomn Releases New Products of  Krinda ——C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

Supports active/passive 3D

Supports passive stereo and active stereo, and can interface with various 3D devices such as synchronous transmitters and active stereo glasses to transmit 3D signals.

360 ° free direction projection

Using a laser light source, the internal heat generation of the machine is low, and the internal heat dissipation system is specially processed to support 360 ° free direction projection to ensure normal operation of the machine, supporting 90 ° portrait projection. Flexible installation, the projector can be installed and used in various different environments.

Wincomn Releases New Products of  Krinda ——C-WU1200L/C-WU1500L

At present, the Krinda brand projectors have two major categories: professional engineering projectors and professional simulation projectors.

Among them, Krinda Professional Simulation Projector has launched two models, the Krinda T50 and Krinda T20, which are suitable for flight simulation, production research and development simulation, simulation training, immersive virtual display, and other fields.

The Krinda Professional Engineering Projector covers machines with brightness ranging from 7000 lumens to 20000 lumens. The launch of the Krinda C-WU1200L and Krinda C-WU1500L projectors has enriched the brightness range of the Krinda Professional Engineering Projector series, bringing more choices to users in fields such as exhibition and display, dark riding, night games, ball screen cinemas, hotels, conference rooms, lecture halls, and higher education venues.