Alcorn provides training to Wincomn employees

Author: Wincomn


On January 11th, WincomnTechnology organized an Alcorn brand product training event through online and offline methods. Alcorn's Lead Sales Engineer Mr. Justin Ruka was the main speaker, and Wincomn's sales and technical personnel participated in the training.

Alcorn provides training to Wincomn employees

Alcorn McBride is a manufacturer of audio, video, and control products in the theme entertainment industry. Since 1986, Alcorn's products have been applied to the core systems of famous theme parks, thousands of tourist centers, and entertainment venues worldwide. The product line includes audio playback systems, video playback systems, and performance centralized control systems.

Alcorn provides training to Wincomn employees


This training mainly covered Alcorn X series ecosystem products, including V16X performance control system, BinloopX audio and video playback system, in car performance control system, in car audio and video playback system, and Winscript Live 6 programming software. The hardware products of the X series have been improved in terms of input/output ports, sound tracks, and display modes. At the same time, the weight and volume of the equipment, as well as the performance of earthquake resistance and shaking resistance, have been optimized to make them more suitable for projects such as dark riding, roller coasters, and dynamic cinemas, bringing more innovative experiences to the projects.

Alcorn provides training to Wincomn employees


At the same time, the X series products can not only be compatible and paired with other Alcron products, but also with display systems, audio systems, mechanical systems, etc. of other brands to jointly establish a project ecosystem, making the system more flexible and powerful.

Alcorn provides training to Wincomn employees

Alcorn and Wincomn have a history of cooperation for more than ten years, and have jointly participated in the construction of many classic cases, such as the construction of the video and audio system of Universal Studios in Beijing, the super sensory flying ball screen dark ride of Huai'an West Amusement Park, the six degrees of freedom of virtual and real combination of dark ride and 'Five Village View' magic theater, Huayi Brothers (Jinan) film town building projection show, and the live performance of 'Hometown' town, The White Deer Plain Tramway Dark Ride and the Beijing Urban Planning Museum Ball Screen Cinema are popular and trusted brands among customers.