Wincomn's own brand products and advanced agent products appeared at CAE

Author: Wincomn


Wincomn's own brand products and advanced agent products appeared at CAE

On May 22, 2021 China (Beijing)Attractions Expo (CAE) officially opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (new pavilion). Wincomn night tour products 'Shenshou Paradise', cultural and tourism creative projection show, as well as brand products such as Krinda, Christie, 7thSense, Alcorn, Scalable, etc. were shown in booth 2119 of E2 hall, attracting the attention of many visitors.


The most eye-catching part of Wincomn's booth is the newly launched night game product - 'Shenshou Paradise '. In order to present the design concept of the product to the audience, Wincomn has built a small exhibition area on the booth, with gorgeous nine tailed fox welcome door, deep night scene space, gorgeous lighting decoration, and lovely god beast modeling device, which has attracted many visitors to stop and enjoy. The Krinda C-WU1300L2 projector is also used to show the design idea and landing effect of the whole product, so that visitors can fully understand the content of the product from concept to object. Many visitors consulted and discussed with the staff of Wincomn.





At the exhibition site, Wincomn also brought wonderful creative projection show and cutting-edge equipment display. It also attracted the attention of many visitors.

On the wall of one side of the booth, there is a large-scale indoor giant screen projection show projected by three Krinda C-WU2000L projectors.



Krinda C-WU2000L is a high-end projector brand launched by Wincomn, with international quality and domestic price. The projector brightness is 20600 lumens, laser light source, can achieve a higher level of brightness, image quality and color reproduction accuracy, suitable for indoor, outdoor, paradise and a variety of large-scale performance projection display.



It is worth mentioning that Krinda brand is also used in the 2021 China cultural and tourism industry annual conference, and two Krinda C-WU2000L projectors provide live projection for the conference forum.


Another large-scale projection show on the booth, which is projected by the Christie D4K40-RGB projector, is also amazing. The brightness of D4K40-RG is up to 40000 lumens, and it can project more than 90% of rec.2020 gamut. It has made breakthroughs in brightness, color reproduction, image uniformity, ultra-high contrast and operation life, and is widely used in flying cinema, ball screen cinema, 3D cinema, giant screen cinema, creative projection and other projects.




At the same time, the projection booth shows will use 7thSense condition without compression media server, visitors can sense without compression sources shock effect, in addition to Alcorn entertainment product demonstration of broadcast equipment, its reliable performance, a key operation is very suitable for the characteristics of scenic spot, the pavilion, recreation center and so on need uninterrupted performance occasion.


All projection sources on display at the exhibition are planned and produced by Wincomn creative team. Among them, the projection show of Dapu tsunami Museum, the projection show of Anhui Wuhu Linjiang bridge tower and the projection show of Jinan creative center are all landing projects participated by Wincomn.


Recently, Wincomn has participated in the interactive projection of Manchester United dream theatre, the immersive projection of Daxing airport's 'light and shadow Tour' art space, the immersive performance of Nanjing wedding, the Hakka cultural live performance of Wincomn, the night tour projection of Shuimu Fuliang, the night tour projection of Mengxun Xianshan Island, the night tour projection of Yuanxiang Silver Animal Kingdom 'tree of life' light and shadow show and night tour of Maren Qifeng scenic spot and other cultural tourism projects.


Wincomn can provide creative planning, film source production, system design, equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance for cultural and tourism projects to ensure the exquisite presentation of the project. In the cultural and tourism industry, Wincomn strives for perfection and keeps forging ahead, and will provide more high-quality and rich products and services for the majority of users and customers.