Wincomn won the "Golden Crown Award" of China's Amusement Indust

Author: Wincomn


On December 10, the 2020 Entertainment Industry Cultural tourism Development Summit and Golden Crown Award Award ceremony was held in Zhengzhou EnjoyLand International Tourism Resort, Henan province. At the award ceremony, Wincomn won the award of 'Chinese Outstanding Lighting, Fountain and Live Show Supplier'.

Wincomn won the

The purpose of this summit is to analyze the development status of the cultural and tourism industry and explore ways to realize the multi-dimensional upgrading and development of the industry, so as to help the prosperity of the cultural and tourism industry. At the same time, the golden crown award ceremony was held to honor the outstanding innovative products, outstanding equipment suppliers, high-quality paradise and industry elites in the year of 2019-2020. The golden crown award is sponsored by the well-known entertainment magazine in the entertainment industry, which has a wide range of authority and representativeness.

Wincomn won the

With its comprehensive strength accumulated in the entertainment industry for more than ten years and its outstanding performance in many projects in the past two years, Wincomn has won the recognition of professional review and the voting recognition of industry people, and finally won the award of 'Chinese Outstanding Lighting, Fountain and Live Show Supplier'.

Wincomn won the

During the meeting, all the participants visited the Enjoyland Animal Kingdom. In the project, Wincomn participated in the construction of the video system of 'Rio adventure 4D cinema' and 'tree of life' performance in the Central Plaza. The Enjoyland Animal Kingdom pays attention to the interactive immersive experience of people, animals and amusement facilities. It also won two awards of 'China's outstanding theme park (land)' and 'China's outstanding new paradise'.

Wincomn won the

In the future, Wincomn will turn awards into power, continue to forge ahead, and provide higher quality, more diversified services and more outstanding lighting projects for the industry.