Wincomn make speech in China Culture and Tourism Industrial Development Summit

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Wincomn make speech in China Culture and Tourism Industrial Development Summit

On October 11, 2019, the China culture and tourism industry development summit was officially opened. The  summit was held by the Organizing Committee of  Shanghai international Prolight+Sound exhibition. With the theme of 'Culture Tourism Town and Night Tourism Economy', many experts and practitioners from the industry were invited to participate in the discussion on the combination of culture tourism town and night tourism economy, so as to provide new ideas for the development of it .

Mr. Hansen Yang,  Senior Engineer and Vice General Manager of Wincomn, was invited to deliver the keynote speech of 'Application of projection technology in night tourism' on the summit.

Wincomn make speech in China Culture and Tourism Industrial Development Summit

The speech of Mr. Hansen Yang was mainly focused on four aspects: 'The Characteristics of Current Night Tour', 'The Main Technical Means of Current Night Tour', 'The Main Application Scene of Projection In Night Tour' and 'The Design of Projection System in Night Tour Project'.

First of all,he said that the biggest feature of night tour is the involvement of image technology. As the latest technology means, projection show plays a key role in modern night tour, which is the main feature different from previous night tour projects.

He pointed out that as a form of consumption at night, night tourism economy is becoming a hot topic in the market.In recent years, the emerging night tourism projects not only enrich the contemporary tourism market, on the other hand, night tourism can make tourists feel relaxed with a sense of being divorced from reality and dreamy and aesthetical, so as to lengthen the time for tourists to play, which is conducive to the effective expansion of the tourism market scale.

He especially stressed that night tour can not be separated from light, and proper lighting design is the necessary condition to realize 'dream night tour'. However, it must be noted that the design of light must guarantee the existence of 'night' and create the feeling of 'dream', which cannot be seen at a glance.

Wincomn make speech in China Culture and Tourism Industrial Development Summit

After that, Mr. Yang introduced and analyzed the main technical products and application scenes in night tour, pointed out the characteristics and precautions in different application fields such as architectural projection, tunnel projection, water surface projection, gauze curtain / holographic projection, utensil projection, device projection, cliff projection, etc., especially emphasized the key design on pavilion, platform, building, pavilion, tower and other china classical architecture .  In his opinion, it is the premise of a successful architectural projection to construct a picture with cultural implications on a complex surface.

At the end of the speech, Mr. Yang introduced the design elements of projection system under the budget and quality requirements in detail, and proposed the design ideas of large system and full link, which was recognized and appreciated by the participants.

Wincomn is one of the first 12 member units of ITIA, and  ranked NO. 49 on the 'Beijing top 100 list of private enterprises of cultural industry in 2018'. It has rich professional experience in planning and implementation of night tour and light show.