InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

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On July 17, InfoComm China 2019 opened in China National Convention Center.New products in the fields of Conference & Control Centers, Cultural & Tourism, VR & Simulation were presented in the M311B . And the Christie RGB laser 40,000 lumen projector, dnp transparent screen, Extron NAV network A/V solution, 7thSense media server, Alcorn performance control system, Scalable warp and blend system,Wincomn New Generation VR Workbench, Wincomn Intelligence Management Platform and Wincomn original film source creative projection show make the booth exceptionally wonderful , and the endless stream of visitors witnessed the super popularity of Wincomn multi-field exhibitions.

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

New Trend Product Attract Attention

Christie D4K40-RGB True Laser Projector

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

The highlights of this projector are Native 4K , all-in-one and Pure RGB. By combining the progress of the latest laser technology,  it makes a breakthrough in brightness, color rendering, image uniformity, high contrast and the operating life and so on  .

D4K40-RGB can achieve full directional projection, with up to 40,000 lumen brightness, can show more than 90% of the rec.2020  color gamut, and the weight of the projector is less than half of the competitors. The projector is capable of operating at 220 volts per phase,it`s energy-efficient, and can maintain 80% brightness, 5000:1 contrast, and a maximum of 120 frames per second after 30,000 hours. It uses a patented sealed optical path and can perform almost maintenance-free operation for more than 8 years under normal use.

Other Laser Series Projectors

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

The other laser series projectors of Christie including Captiva, GS ,HS; covering brightness from 4000 lumens to 20,000 lumens; resolutions of HD, WUXGA, WXGA, 4K, etc.; and Christie BoldColor technology, RealBlack ™ technology ,Christie Twist™.They can provide powerful, reliable and economical solutions for almost all common applications.

DNP Transparent Screen

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

dnp ClearSign is an 80” transparent crystal-clear high contrast front projection screen and can be used as an eye-catcher in

commercial or retail spaces. The built-in semi reflective micro fresnel structure display is delivered as a solid robust and

durable plastic screen. The screen’s light rejecting capabilities eliminates the need for a dedicated darkened room and thus

extend the opportunities for quality viewing even in brightly lit in-store environments.

Extron NAV Network A/V Solution

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

NAV™ is the no-compromise Pro AV over IP solution for distribution and switching of ultra-low latency, high quality video, audio, and USB 2.0 signals over an Ethernet network at low bitrates. Utilizing Extron’s patented PURE3® codec, it delivers groundbreaking performance with real-time, visually lossless video at resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling and ultra-low latency. PURE3's Intelligent Selective Streaming - ISS - leverages low motion content to achieve low bitrates while maintaining visually lossless performance. The NAV platform is the only solution that offers both 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps encoders and decoders while providing full interoperability across both systems. NAV can be deployed as a high-performance IP-based video and audio matrix, combining the flexibility of an IP-based system with the integration-friendly video and audio switching features found in conventional Extron matrix switchers.

U.M.M.M.Solution in Convention & Exhibition 

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

The solution is mainly aimed at the management of the exhibition center to improve the efficiency of conference rooms, save costs and increase revenue.

U means Use:The solution is a customized solution, which can effectively solve the pain points according to the specific needs of customers, simplify the use of conference rooms, and make the operation more simple and efficient.

M means Management:This solution can be used for assistant management, providing customers with analysis data charts, making management more convenient.

M means Monitoring:Real-time viewing and pre-monitoring preview function can find problems and solve problems in time.

M means Maintenance:The solution can carry out intelligent monitoring, real-time alarm, self-checking problems, and provide analysis reports.

At present, the solution has been applied in Tencent Binhai Exhibition Center, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Huarong Building multi-conference room, ASEAN Big Data Laboratory, Xiangya Hospital conference room and other projects, which improves the efficiency of the conference room and saves maintenance and management costs for customers.

Wincomn VR Workbench

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

Two-sided Compact CAVE is a standardized, immersive and compact two-sided rear projection active stereo display system designed and manufactured to meet the needs of professional visual simulation applications. Each system can run independently or as a node in collaborative virtual reality environment.

Advantages of Two-sided Compact CAVE:

Highly accurate effect - two sides full rear projection active stereo image, large field of view angle, no shadow interference; high resolution image, ultra-fine pixel size (0.85 mm pixel edge length);

Accurate and highly identifiable images (240nit new state of surface brightness; contrast (> 20000:1) use ultra-long life light source (economic mode up to 100,000 hours);

High precision motion capture system has higher capture accuracy than large immersion system.

Complex models can be driven by only one rendering node.

According to the ergonomic design, the operation is convenient, accurate and comfortable.

Modular design, easy installation and configuration;

Small space occupied (equipment occupied less than 3.5 square meters);

Super multi-machine cooperative working group network capability.

Multi-Type Projection Demonstration

Demonstration of 2m*16m Building Projection

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

In this exhibition, Wincomn presented a 2 m*16 m architectural projection demonstration. The film source was independently planned and produced by Wincomn. It was projected by Christie D20WU-HS projector. The bare-eyed 3D picture was magnificent, dazzling and vivid. The architecture danced with the music, which made all visitors stop and watch.

Mountain 3D Mapping Show

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

The3D Mapping Show is broadcasted by Christie D4K40-RGB true laser projector. Wincomn independently planned the source of the film. On the uneven mountain, after debugging, the picture perfectly matched the mountain model, presenting a delicate and shocking projection performance.

Demonstration of Automatic Warp and Blend of Spherical Curtain

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid


Wincomn also brought the projection display of the spherical curtain. Through Christie DWU630-GS projector and Scalable warp and blend software , the source of the demonstration film was planned by Wincomn, and matched with the characteristics of the ball curtain, it perfectly presented the real projection process of the spherical curtain cinema.

 All projections had 7thSense media server, Alcorn control playback system and other products to display together, fully ensuring the brilliant presentation of projection, and also highlighting the characteristics of various brand products.Various types of projection display, interesting and vivid video content make visitors overwhelmed, and grasp product characteristics in the process of easy viewing, fully understand the comprehensive A/V service capabilities of Wincomn.

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

The Theme Speech of Culture and Tourism Industry is Always Wonderful

On July 18, Mr. Hansen Yang , Vice General Manager of Wincomn , gave a speech on 'The Characteristics and Application of AVC System in the Theme Park Project',discussing with the audience how the AVC system can bring more fun and value to the theme park.The wonderful sharing received rounds of applause from the audience, also verified the professional strength of Wincomn in the cultural tourism industry.

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid

InfoComm 2019 Grand Opening,Wincomn Exhibitions are splendid