Wincomn takes the First-Class Brand Products to the Beijing CAE

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Wincomn takes the First-Class Brand Products to the Beijing CAE

On April 1, the China (Beijing)Attractions Expo 2019 was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Exhibition Center).Wincomn brought four world-class brand products to the exhibition booth, including American Christie projectors,  American Alcorn entertainment broadcast control system, British 7thSense uncompressed media server, American Scalable automatic calibration system, and bring a splendid exhibition to the visitors.

Wincomn takes the First-Class Brand Products to the Beijing CAE

 Christie D4K40-RGB True laser Projector

At this exhibition, Wincomn brought the latest star product of Christie——D4K40-RGB true laser projector.The projector uses TruLife electronic devices and RealLaser lighting technology, showing more than 90% of the RC.2020 gamut, achieving a full, vivid visual effect, with up to 40,000 lumen brightness, and the weight of the projector is less than half of the competitors. The projector is capable of operating at 220 volts per phase, it`s energy-efficient,  running at 30,000 lumens for 30,000 hours will still maintain 80% brightness, 5000:1 contrast, and a maximum of 120 frames per second. It uses a patented sealed optical path and operate for more than 8 years without maintenance under normal conditions.
The projector works on the 3D projection show at this exhibition. The real picture color and vivid dynamic images attract many visitors to stop and watch.

Wincomn takes the First-Class Brand Products to the Beijing CAE

7thSense Delta Media Server

7thSense lossless uncompressed media server has Infinity series, Nucleus series, Proton series,etc.It can output up to 8K uncompressed film source. Some series can provide passive and active 3D, which can meet the needs of various occasions. Wincomn apply it to many projects such as Harbin Wanda Park, Nanchang Wanda Park, Hefei Wanda Film Park, Wuhan Wanda Film Park, Badaling Great Wall Ball Screen Stereo Cinema, Shanghai Haichang Ball Screen Cinema, Gubei water Town Wangjing Building Projection Show, etc. 7thSense lossless uncompressed media server guarantees many splendid performances quality from the source.

Wincomn takes the First-Class Brand Products to the Beijing CAE

Alcorn Entertainment Broadcast Control System

As a leading lighting control and theme park A/V equipment manufacturer in the industry, Alcorn has been widely used in the core systems of amusement parks such as Disney and Universal Studios for decades because of the stability and durability of its products. In China, Wincomn apply Alcorn products to many projects ,such as the Dome Theater of Shanbei Folk Song Museum, Thedome theater , Hefei Wanda Film Park, the Wuxi 5D Light show , the National Museum and so on. It provides technical support for the project in many aspects, such as A/V synchronization, performance control, lighting control, etc.
In this exhibition, the synchronous transmission demonstration of Alcorn was carried out at Wincomn booth. The powerful functions of real-time synchronous play, group synchronous play and programming automatic play make the demonstration flexible and interesting.

Wincomn takes the First-Class Brand Products to the Beijing CAE

Scalable Automatic Calibration System

Scalable Display Manager is an automatic camera-based display calibration software, which supports multiple cameras and lenses, can calculate warp & blend for multiple projectors and distribute the results to PC arrays or warp & blend devices. It has military-level accuracy and can be re-calibrated by one-button which can save the cost of human resources for client. It is widely used in simulation, command and control room, astronomical museum, theme park and other fields.
Wincomn apply it to many projects such as Shanghai Disney, Nanchang Wanda Film Park, Wuhan Wanda Film Park, Shanbei Folk Song Museum and Dome Cinema, which not only improves the accuracy and efficiency of system debugging, but also provides convenience for later system maintenance, and minimizes the shutdown time of the project due to system failure in the operation process.

As Chinese partner of the above international first-class brands, Wincomn has always maintained a stable and good strategic cooperative relationship with the brand side. By virtue of its excellent pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale service capabilities, Wincomn provides a comprehensive business support system for the brand in China, and provides high-standard service for the clients and users.