Wincomn 2023 New Year's Meeting was held online

Author: Wincomn


On December 15, Wincomn held the 2023 New Year's Meeting with the theme of ' Restart to win the future ', this annual meeting connected Wincomn colleagues across the country through online meetings to make a summary of 2022 and plan for 2023, which is full of hope, opportunities and challenges.

“Restart to win the future ”,Wincomn 2023 New Year's Meeting was held online

At the annual meeting, Mr. Tony Chen, Chairman and General Manager of Wincomn, first carried out the annual summary and 2023 annual planning report.

He mentioned in his summary that 2022 will be a tough and difficult year for the people of the whole country. Wincomn strives for survival and development in this year through active planning and adjustment, internal and external cultivation, and adaptation to the time.

We have completed the development of a variety of integrated products, such as 'ball screen cinema' and 'new flight simulator', and obtained a number of patents; The brand product line of 'Krinda' has been expanded, and products such as simulation projectors, media servers, and protection boxes have been added. From projectors to supporting equipment, there are representative products; We also invested heavily in the construction of a 600 square meter enterprise exhibition hall with five major themes and eight major exhibition items.

In 2022, Wincomn completed several classic projects, such as the '10000 AD' dark ride in Bailuyuan, the projection show of Jinfu Building in the ancient city of Taiping, Quanjiao, the ball screen cinema in Wenzhou Tianding Lake International Resort, the surreal immersive exhibition hall in the service trade fair, and provided high-quality services for customers and users with years of experience and technology accumulation.

For the 2023 year after the epidemic, he stressed that Wincomn will take 'new stage, new goals and new requirements' as the main line, establish 'Wincomn' brand advantages, improve service and technical level, realize the implementation of standardized new products, and let Wincomn seize the opportunities and rejuvenate its growth in the post epidemic market changes.

“Restart to win the future ”,Wincomn 2023 New Year's Meeting was held online 

Later, Mr. Hansen Yang, the deputy general manager of Evonik, planned and summarized Evonik's technology and products. He introduced the technical advantages accumulated by Wincomn, 'Krinda' brand products and integrated products, elaborated on the unique selling points, corresponding sales scenarios, and market competition strategies, and emphasized that the industry knowledge, professional experience and honest services accumulated by Wincomn over the past 20 years have also become the basis for customers' trust, so that Wincomn is not only a simple product provider, but also a comprehensive service provider that can help customers succeed.

At the meeting, an award ceremony was also held for the annual outstanding employees and the ten-year service employees. Whether it's a decade of 'togetherness', or crossing difficulties together and making great achievements bravely, these employees have demonstrated their diligent, intelligent and optimistic working attitude and ability to constantly break through themselves. Accompanied by a video VCR memoir, Wincomn 2023 Annual Online New Year Conference ended in a warm atmosphere filled with expectations.

The cold winter of 2022 is coming to an end. In this year, Wincomn people withstood the pressure and won opportunities inch by inch with an unrelenting spirit, finally ushering in the full opening up in 2023. 2023 is a new year for Wincomn. This year will not only bring new products, new solutions, but also new directions, new impetus and new opportunities. Let's start again and win the future together!