Wincomn launched a new simulation projector T20

Author: Wincomn


Wincomn launched Krinda T20 projector, which is a new generation of monolithic DLP laser projector designed and optimized to meet the requirements of professional visual simulation applications.


Wincomn launched a new simulation projector T20

In the field of professional visual simulation, it is usually difficult for ordinary projectors to provide the use effect that meets the project requirements, such as black field is not black, fusion zone is obvious, and there is no shock and shake resistance. For this reason, Wincomn conducted targeted research, and finally launched Krinda T20 professional simulation projector, which has optimized its key performance, and solved the pain point of projector demand in the field of professional visual simulation.


Krinda T20 uses laser light source, with brightness of 9200 lumens and physical resolution of 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA), the service life of the light source is up to 20000 hours, energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, it has 7 types of adaptive lenses, which can provide more choices of installation locations and methods. In combination with application characteristics, users can also choose lenses that are not used for F coefficient.

In terms of black field, T20's ultra-low black level output capability makes black darker, makes the contrast of dark field images more obvious, makes projection images clearer, and ensures the operation quality of professional simulation use environment.


Wincomn launched a new simulation projector T20

Krinda T20 ultra-low black level output (left figure)

For fusion, T20 has improved the traditional design. It does not need an optical fusion film, and can provide a seamless display of multi-channel systems in multiple brightness scene modes. At the same time, it can provide better display quality, and eliminate the disadvantages of gradual decline in display quality during system operation caused by the fusion chip method, the workload caused by the need for regular replacement of the fusion chip and the need for frequent maintenance.

Wincomn launched a new simulation projector T20

In terms of shockproof and anti shake, T20 projector supports 3G motion platform, with powerful shockproof and anti shake functions, which can provide stable picture effects for different use environments.

In addition, Krinda T20 adopts a new generation projector platform to provide multiple functional optimizations to adapt to simulation applications; Support frame sequence active stereo and stereo signal frequency doubling; Provide alpha and beta technology based on precise adjustment of pixel parameters; Fully enclosed optical mechanical design, adapt to harsh working environment; Multi aperture selection, suitable for high brightness or high contrast applications; Built in geometric correction and fusion function, up to 65 × 33 Grid adjustment; Support all-round installation and PIP/PBP display.

Wincomn launched a new simulation projector T20

As a domestic brand, Krinda T20 has reliable sources, controllable performance, and stable and reliable quality. It is a wise choice for training simulation, night vision simulation, virtual reality, equipment research, scientific experiment, planetarium application, academic department application, government agencies, exhibitions, higher education and other use occasions and places.