Krinda C-WU700L/C-WU800L Laser Projector is populor in Exhibition Industry

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Krinda C-WU700L/C-WU800L Laser Projector has become a New Favorite in the Exhibition Industry

Since the listing of Krinda C-WU700L/C-WU800L projector, it has been applied in many projects, has been fully recognized by customers and users, and has gradually become a new favorite in museums, exhibitions and other fields.

The two machines adopt Texas Instruments DLP projection technology and 0.67 'DMD chip, which is compatible with 4K signal input. The rilliantcolorTM technology is adopted to enhance the color performance, with a wider color gamut, and the picture performance is brighter and more delicate than other light sources. Its rich color management and adjustment functions can adjust the color of the projection screen through HSG color fine-tuning function, RGB advanced adjustment function and gamma type selection function, so as to meet the extreme needs of different customers for accurate color in various environments. Riya high-efficiency blue laser phosphor is adopted, and the laser light source has an ultra long service life of 30000 hours, saving the later operation and maintenance cost of users.

Krinda C-WU700L/C-WU800L Laser Projector has become a New Favorite in the Exhibition Industry

 Krinda C-WU700L/C-WU800L 

Wider color gamut

Compared with traditional projectors, the laser light source plus single DLP display technology has a wider color gamut, making the display screen more 

delicate and the color restoration more realistic.

Brightness uniformity

Using advanced image processing engine and top-level optical components, the image brightness uniformity reaches an ultra-high level of 95%, becoming a

leader in similar products.

Efficient color management

Through HSG color fine adjustment function, RGB advanced adjustment function and gamma type selection function, multiple color mixing modes of red / Green / Blue / yellow / Cyan Magenta are adopted to realize multi-directional adjustment of hue, lightness and saturation.

Image fusion

Keyinda c-wu800l also has built-in image correction and edge fusion functions, which can freely adjust the range of fusion area, complement color in the area and adjust the display screen. It has a variety of fusion mode options, which is very suitable for multiple projection fusion applications to ensure the consistency of the screen.

4K signal access

It supports 4K signal access and can realize 4096 × 2160@60Hz The signal input has natural picture details and effectively avoids the interference of sawtooth pixels.

Support active / passive 3D

Hdmi1 4A interface, which supports passive stereo and active stereo. It can connect with RF transmitter, RF active stereo glasses and other 3D devices to 

transmit 3D signals.

Built in speaker

Built in two 10W high-quality speakers. For scenes with tight space, the projector with built-in speakers becomes a great choice and saves costs.

Low noise

Professional heat dissipation design is adopted, which makes the noise reduction ability of the projector very excellent. Under the standard mode, it can be 

reduced to 28dB; In energy-saving mode, it can be reduced to 26dB.

Lens displacement and multiple lens options

The standard electric lens can easily adjust the horizontal and vertical lossless translation of the projection picture without moving the projector. At the same time, it has lens memory, lens locking and lens reset. In addition to the standard electric lens (1.22-1.53:1), it also provides a variety of lenses such as 0.5:1, 0.6:1, 0.7:1, 0.8:1 and 0.9:1 for customers to choose according to different application environments.

Krinda C-WU700L/C-WU800L Laser Projector has become a New Favorite in the Exhibition Industry

720 degree omnidirectional installation

720 degree omni-directional installation can be realized without reducing the brightness of the picture. Support vertical portrait projection to meet the application scenario requirements of vertical height picture. The free installation angle makes any creative design unrestricted.Active operation and maintenance function Adopt the market-leading active operation and maintenance technology, and actively push the information change and warning information of the projector system, so as to greatly simplify and reduce the docking complexity and improve the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of the projector data. The projector also supports mainstream control systems such as Extron IP Link、Crestron RoomView、PJLink and AMX , which is convenient for the integrated control of the exhibition hall.

Krinda C-WU700L/C-WU800L have won a warm welcome in the market with ultra-high cost performance. The product characteristics of the two projectors fully meet the needs of projection equipment in the exhibition field. It can project and display high-quality pictures in an ultra silent environment. Its compact body can adapt to the installation conditions of the exhibition hall. The ultra-long-life laser light source provides stable operation and reduces the pressure of equipment maintenance of users, It is a wise choice for users in the field of exhibition.