Strategic cooperation between Optoma and Wincomn

Author: Wincomn


Recently, Optoma and Wincomn officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Based on the concept of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, the two sides established a long-term strategic partnership to jointly develop the laser engineering projection market. Optoma authorized Wincomn to become the national general distributor of its flagship engineering machine CUL25L / CUL20K.

Strategic cooperation between Optoma and Wincomn

Autocode comes from Coretronic Corporation (a listed company in Taiwan), the world's largest projector manufacturer. It has the most complete and focused resource investment and mastery in the industry in key components, R & D, manufacturing and after-sales service. With this advantage, Optoma continues to develop first-class products that meet the needs of users.

Wincomn is a long history, comprehensive technology professional A/V system solution provider, has always been adhering to the concept of 'win-win for health', providing China's customers the best A/V system, is a long-term partner of more than ten international first-class A/V brands, has the national marketing service network and complex project implementation capacity, has served the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai Expo, Wanda, Rand, Beijing Universal Studios, etc.

Optoma CUL25K / CUL20K flagship engineering machine is the latest masterpiece of Optoma. The two new products adopt 0.96 inch DMD chip, have WUXGA resolution and brightness of 25000 lumens and 20000 lumens respectively. They have good performance and configuration. They are highly competitive medium and high brightness laser engineering projectors, providing more choices for night tourism economy, outdoor lighting and big cultural tourism market. In particular, CUL25K, with 25000 lumen brightness and two-color laser light source, occupies the commanding height of the 1-DLP laser engineering projector market. It not only has the excellent performance comparable to 3-DLP products, but also has the cost advantage of 1DLP. It is the best choice for the culture and tourism industry.

Strategic cooperation between Optoma and Wincomn

With its excellent source product supply chain and strong engineering market expansion and service ability of Wincomn,Optoma has complementary advantages and strong combination, which can provide better products and services for the engineering market. The cooperation between Optoma and Wincomn returns to the value itself, focuses on products and services, focuses on the core values of customers, meets the real needs of users, and seeks long-term and healthy development.