Wincomn launched the U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room

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Wincomn launched the U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room

In today's fast-paced society, intelligence, speed and efficiency have become the basic requirements of any industry and field, especially in the conference room field. The simpler and more efficient operation, the more efficient the efficiency and effect of the conference can be improved. Wincomn has launched a set of conference room solutions for management,  The Wincomn VARIWIN U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room, which has optimized the use procedures of the conference room and helped users improve the conference efficiency.

What is The Wincomn VARIWIN U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room

The Wincomn VARIWIN U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room is independently developed by the Wincomn technology team. It is mainly aimed at the daily meeting scenes of small and medium-sized meeting rooms, special large-scale meeting rooms, report halls and other places. It is designed and implemented through the four dimensions of 'Use, Management, Monitoring and Maintenance', forming a conference room use solution with intuitive operation, full function and integration of software and hardware.

Wincomn launched the U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room

Function upgrading to meet diversified use needs

The solution has been upgraded in various software functions, such as:

In the main interface of the software - Video scheduling area, it is divided into output display area and signal source area.

The output display area supports large screen mode switching. Users can customize the naming of different large screen modes to facilitate scheduling.

In the signal source area, the user can drag and drop the upper screen to bind the codec, so as to realize large screen display. The simultaneous interpreting of video and audio is supported in the binding process.

In the case of most signal sources, users can customize the grouping according to the characteristics of signal sources. The user can concentrate the signal source in a group, which is convenient for management and accurate positioning.

Wincomn launched the U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room

In the recording and broadcasting area, the software is directly connected to the recording and broadcasting equipment. The user can directly drag the video signal source to be recorded to the channel of the recording and broadcasting area to realize recording and broadcasting. The functional area also supports simultaneous recording of multiple video signals.

Script function, the essence of which is an automatic pre-meeting preparation process. It can record the conference operation information, and then store it. By the time of booking, the user can call it out directly.

In terms of function control buttons, users can adjust, control and monitor all functions of conference equipment such as cameras, projectors, microphones, and record and store audio and video conference in one operation interface. At the same time, the basic operation of lighting, curtains, air conditioning and other environmental equipment in the conference room can be completed through the environmental control button. It can be said that a button interface plays the role of remote control of various equipment in the conference room. In terms of authority management, when the conference room is large in area and there are too many signal sources and conference equipment, users can use the software to distribute the management authority of the conference hall to multiple people to assist the general administrator in management.

Wincomn launched the U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room

From the software to the overall design of the scheme, realize the upgraded user experience

The software interface matched with the solution is generated by the algorithm owned by Wincomn, which can help users automatically generate the most appropriate interface according to the user's site conditions and field equipment engineering data. Moreover, it has five unique advantages.

First, integration and customization. The operation interface of the software is the most complete version of the functions that may be used in the standard conference room, and the function pop-up window and mode button can be customized and deleted according to the needs of users.

Second, because the software system is generated automatically, it also has the characteristics of ITnization.

Third, visualization. When developing the software, it adopts the UI design with a sense of science and technology. Each function interaction is carefully considered, and all signal sources can achieve the WYSIWYG effect.

Fourth, linkage. During the pairing operation of codecs, the software of Wincomn supports the simultaneous transmission of video and audio as well as the linkage operation between different devices. For example, for a project, a PC side is responsible for daily management and a PAD side is responsible for demonstration. Then all operations and data on the PAD will be synchronized to the PC side software to facilitate real-time data synchronization and monitoring.

Finally, servitization. The software is completely independently developed by Wincomn, so Wincomn will upgrade and maintain the software to ensure a good user experience.

Wincomn launched the U.M.M.M.Solution in Single Meeting Room

Simple but not less, the sincerity of the work

Wincomn`s solutions in simplifying the operation process of office system, on the basis of fully mobilizing conference room audio system, make the whole room system response and collaboration more flexible, at the same time, the software upgrades, software customization and after-sales service and let it can always follow the trend, adapting to the change of the requirements of office use.

This solution not only has the high standard and high quality configuration of standardized products, but also retains the customized interface, which is convenient for the customization needs of various customers. It can be said that it simplifies the operation without compromising the performance and service, and is a sincere conference room solution.