Wincomn's private brand Krinda projector is on sale

Author: Wincomn


In recent years, with the increasing demand for high-quality and cost-effective products in the field of domestic projectors, and in order to respond to the demand of the domestic market and give back customers' trust in Wincomn for more than ten years, Wincomn has launched the high-end private projector brand - Krinda. The projector not only has advanced technology, but also meets the domestic market demand for cost-effective projector products.

Wincomn's private brand Krinda projector is on sale

Wincomn has more than ten years of experience in the domestic projector market, and have a technical team with rich experience and excellent strength, and solid technical support and training capabilities. Therefore, in the quality control of Krinda projector, Wincomn has kept as meticulous and strict as before, making Krinda the trust choice of all kinds of customers.

In addition, Wincomn is headquartered in China, with regional advantages, short product supply cycle, fast distribution, and convenient for domestic customers to purchase and transport. Domestic geographical advantages also ensure that Wincomn can respond to customers' feedback quickly and provide them with fast, professional and perfect after-sales service.


Krinda adopts the world-class projector technology to ensure the high quality performance of the products. Krinda projector has a wide range of brightness, from 7300 to 20600 lumens. It uses two-color laser light source, withTwo-color laser technology, to ensure that the projector can achieve a higher level of brightness, image quality and color reproduction accuracy. With built-in Twist™, users have the tools needed to quickly and easily set up and align irregular screens and multi-projector displays. The machine can also be equipped with Mystique camera based automatic correction The integration software can make the projector system easier and faster to set, align, proofread and maintain.

The projector can be used in meeting rooms, offices, auditoriums, exhibition halls, hotels, command centers, monitoring centers, stage performances, theatre and various large-scale outdoor performance activities, providing customers with stable, reliable, lifelike and gorgeous picture effects.


Krinda is designed, developed and produced by Wincomn according to the characteristics of domestic consumption demand, which enables it to more quickly reflect the domestic market demand, take the lead to adapt to the changes in the domestic market, so that customers can use it safely. In addition,Krinda projector has just been launched to the mass market, but before that, it has been widely used in military enterprises, fully meeting the use needs of customers in the military industry, and has been verified by the market of the most severe use places.