Wincomn won the excellent case award at the China cultural devi

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On June 15th-17th, the first China shanghai international cultural device expo was held in Shanghai new international expo center.This is the first international cultural equipment exposition in China. With the theme of 'cultural equipment brings cultural tourism resources to life', it discusses the current coolest and most fashionable industry directions and technologies, such as entertainment, theme, digital museum, exhibition display, publishing and printing.At this conference,Wincomn won the excellent case award of 2018 Chinese cultural equipment for the project of tomb projection of Hunan museum.

 Wincomn won the excellent case award at the China cultural devi


The project of tomb projection in hunan province is very innovative and technical, and it is also the first application of tomb projection in China.The grave is 19.5 meters long, 17.8 meters wide, 17 meters deep, and in the shape of inverted trapezoid. Different from the architectural projection on the ground in the past, such heterogeneous carriers make the projection light path extremely complex. The combination of creativity and grave hierarchy structure requires accurate projection. The expression of the picture depends on the non-destructive play of the film source and the true color restoration.

In this case, Wincomn broke through the difficulties of complex projection vector and stereoscopic projection, and used the combination of 3D model plus UV mapping to determine the position of the projection picture,and solves the problem of heterogeneous fusion, lossless and synchronous playback, and completes the project projection work perfectly.

 Wincomn won the excellent case award at the China cultural devi

 Wincomn won the excellent case award at the China cultural devi

Mr. Ren xiaohui, general manager of Shanghai international high-tech and cultural equipment industry base, gave the project a high evaluation,He believes that the Hunan museum tomb projection project is one of the highlights of the exhibition, it is not a pure physics of the grave, but using a 3D projection technology bring cultural relics to life, and let the audience see more content.

As a provider of high-end A/V solutions in China,In addition to winning the prize for the projection of the tomb in this conference, Wincomn also won many awards for many outstanding projects.For example,Wincomn won the 'Best effect award of Chinese theme park' for the 'Dream light' of Badaling Great Wall;Wincomn won  “The project the Year”  award by virtue of  ' the soul of the river'- large-scale light music show project in Han city at the summit of information A/V industry;The 'big porcelain bottle' projection equipment show at Nanchang Wanda film park 'fly over Jiangxi' preview area, won the third skyscraper award selection 'China amusement products creative design award' and so on.