Wincomn won the fourth skyscraper award

Author: Wincomn


On March 17th , the 4th 'skyscraper award' ceremony of the Chinese amusement industry was unveiled at China National Convention Center. Wincomn won the 'Best effect award of Chinese theme park' for the 'Dream light' of Badaling Great Wall.

Wincomn  won the fourth skyscraper award

Wincomn  won the fourth skyscraper award

The 'Dream Great Wall' dome theater is  the world famous 3D dome theater, Wincomn  participated in the construction and integration of the A/V system of the theater. Wincomn designed and installed ten projectors for the cinema, and showed the perfect image quality by 3D display, uncompressed TGA sequence playback, which guaranteed the color reproduction.

At the same time, Wincomn also designed the auto-calibration systems for the theater, which can ensure the system has self-repairing ability and guarantee the long-term operation. The effect of immersive dome screen, the sound and dynamic seat, can greatly increase the audience's immersive and entertaining experience.

Wincomn  won the fourth skyscraper award

Image on the dome screen

Wincomn  won the fourth skyscraper award

the interior structures of the dome

The awards are designed to honor outstanding enterprises, projects, products and service organizations that have made great contributions to the development of China's entertainment industry this year. It is a comprehensive review of the public awareness and reputation of Chinese entertainment industry, and Wincomn has won the awards twice for these two consecutive years, which fully demonstrates the professionalism and authority of Wincomn in the field of China's entertainment industry. In the future, Wincomn will continue to provide exciting project for audiences in China.